The Truth About Drugs program uses many channels to reach kids before drugs do.

Booklets In the past year, over 7 million booklets were placed in people’s hands.
TV In the past year, Public Service Announcements aired to over 83 million viewers.
Online In the past year, visits to doubled to over 14 million.

“Smart” Drugs

The not at all “Smart Drugs”—brand-name or generic amphetamines such as Concerta, Adderall and Modafinil, are abused by some teens who think the drugs will help them get through exams. Wrong, say university studies. Abuse of these prescription stimulants is most prevalent among underperforming students who hope to improve their grades through drugs. However, a University of Pennsylvania study found that those who took stimulants showed no performance gains on a series of tests that measured factors such as creative working memory. The users only thought the drug was helping them, while in fact it was found in some to reduce performance. A Drexel University study found that users of these drugs risk long-term impairment of brain function.

Observes World Health Day

For World Health Day 2015, Foundation for a Drug-Free World held events in 31 major cities around the world.

The Los Angeles event focused on synthetic drugs, showcasing Drug-Free World’s newest in its series of Truth About Drugs booklets: The Truth About Synthetic Drugs, now available online.

The Pasadena, California, World Health Day observance featured speakers from the Pasadena Police Department, Pasadena Human Relations Commission, Promise Christian Church, and the Church of Scientology, which supports the Foundation for a Drug-Free World.

Bishop Chidiebere Ogbu of Impact Africa Network was the keynote speaker at the event in Johannesburg, South Africa, expressing the critical role of religions in drug education and prevention.

In Padova, Italy, the World Health Day theme—“We take care of youth before the dealers do”—drew speakers from the local City Council and other civic and religious groups.


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