The Truth About Drugs materials enable parents to give their children factual information about drugs and their harmful effects.


How can you speak to your kids about drug abuse without using scare tactics or feeling like you're “preaching”?

There is nothing more important to you as a parent than your child’s well-being. Knowing the extent of the drug problem in our society, you naturally want to protect your child from the destruction drugs can cause to them physically, mentally and emotionally. But when you talk to them about drugs, how do you know they’re even listening?

Give them the truth about drugs and they will listen. It has been conclusively found that when young people are given the facts about drugs and their harmful effects, they decide on their own not to take them. So, how do you educate them before a dealer gets to them?

That’s where we can help.

Our program provides factual information and real-life stories that get through to young people, causing them to actually change their mindset about using drugs.

The information in these FREE materials could save your child’s life or the life of someone you know. Order them today.

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