With drug and alcohol use and abuse not only on the rise, but reaching younger and younger lives each year, the Foundation for a Drug-Free World’s mission to protect young lives from the destructive effects of drugs is a 24/7, worldwide effort.

The Foundation for a Drug-Free World is a nonprofit public benefit corporation organized and operated for exclusively charitable purposes. It is funded by grants and public contributions from individuals and organizations that share a dedication to helping people lead lives free from drug abuse.

Through your generous support of the Foundation, you enable us to make our educational materials and effective drug prevention programs available free of charge to schools, youth organizations and other youth-servicing groups and individuals.

What Your Membership Donations Support:

  • Broad media campaigns: Includes the airing of our “They Said, They Lied” TV public service announcements, as well as a constant presence of print and Internet media advertisements and public service announcements that reach educators and others who share your concerns about the effects of drugs on individuals and whole communities.
  • Ongoing public information updates and current drug prevention content – in a variety of media – that track drug and alcohol abuse trends and, most importantly, provide insights and solutions to reverse them.
  • The provision of our Truth About Drug educational materials free of charge to educators who teach youth the truth about drugs.

Become a Member:

Basic Membership $40

A $40 membership helps us continue our work to make the world drug-free.

Contributing Annual Membership $300

Members receive a membership card, letter and certificate suitable for framing, publications and regular email updates on group activities.

Corporate Annual Membership $500

Members receive a membership card, letter and certificate suitable for framing that shows your organization’s dedication to anti-drug education. Corporate members are regularly updated by email on group activities and special reports.

Corporate Sponsorships

To help bring the Truth About Drugs to every individual, school and community, the Foundation for a Drug-Free World maintains an extensive agenda of events and activities for raising awareness on a broad scale. These include:

  • Events that raise broad public awareness on drug and alcohol use and abuse
  • Campaigns and projects that bring the Truth About Drugs mission and message to strategic zones
  • Promotion of Truth About Drugs videos and public service announcements on TV, and more

Corporations interested in supporting drug prevention education as part of their charter for community service may apply to sponsor such endeavors. To apply for a corporate sponsorship, contact:
Corporate Relations Director


Anyone wishing to continue contributing to the Foundation for a Drug-Free World on a regular basis can make a monthly pledge.


Make a donation of any amount.

For further information on how you can help, contact us here.

Whatever your donation – and believe us, any amount is appreciated and will be well-spent – helps us empower people of all ages with the facts they need to live healthy, drug-free lives.