Volunteers Give Art & Wine Festival-Goers a Taste of the Truth About Drugs

While Art & Wine festival-goers enjoyed a leisurely weekend, Foundation members got busy distributing over 3,600 booklets.

The 39th Annual Mountain View Art & Wine Festival kicked off on Saturday September 11, 2010, in the city’s downtown district.

A multicultural celebration, the two-day event presented artwork from over 600 artists, premium wines, a diverse range of entertainment for all ages, as well as health and wellness displays.

Wearing their Drug-Free World shirts, members and volunteers of the Foundation circulated around the festival distributing The Truth About Drugs booklets to festival attendees. These booklets were designed to provide the unvarnished facts on the toll drugs take on the lives of individuals, families and communities.

One volunteer said he was approached by three teachers who said how grateful they were that the Foundation was there. The teachers said they were familiar with the booklets because they were using them and other Drug-Free World educational aids and materials in their classrooms. Because the students’ response was so positive, they wanted more.

As Mountain View’s Art & Wine Festival is one of the largest and oldest such events in California, Foundation members wanted to reach as many festival-goers as possible to raise awareness on the harmful effects of drugs. By the end of the festival, they had distributed over 3,600 copies of The Truth About Drugs booklet.

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